The new


The new GIGA 6

Perfection, precision, professionalism in a new dimension

JURA is leading the way by launching the GIGA 6, a top-of-the-line professional coffee machine for household use. The Swiss premium brand has incorporated the knowledge and expertise it has gained from producing over 5 million automatic coffee machines into this luxury model along with the latest technological developments, guaranteeing exceptional functionality, reliability and quality.

Equipped with two electronically adjustable ceramic disc ­grinders, two pumps and two thermoblocks, the GIGA 6 can prepare two perfect barista-standard speciality coffees simultaneously at the touch of a button – always freshly ground, not capsuled.

Delectable coffee of the special kind: Cortado

When it comes to trend specialties, the GIGA 6 is truly groundbreaking: Coffee aficionados can now prepare the perfect cortado at the touch of a button.

Double power and double action for 28 specialties

The machine’s inner workings have been overhauled to provide the combined power of two heating systems and two pumps, enabling coffee and milk or coffee and milk foam to be prepared at the same time. This has opened up a whole range of new possibilities for coffee lovers, including popular mixed drinks such as caffè latte, flat white or cortado.

5-star handling ★★★★★

The dishwasher-safe drip tray can easily be removed, emptied and reinserted with just one hand. Simple, clean, quick, convenient – this 5-star concept is incorporated down to the very last detail.

Artificial intelligence

With the GIGA 6, artificial intelligence is finding its way into the operation of the machine. A self-learning algorithm identifies each user’s personal preferences and adapts the start screen accordingly.

2 electronically adjustable ceramic disc grinders

The two electronically adjustable ceramic disc grinders are precision-made using an incredibly hard material so that they can grind the coffee to the optimum fineness. The Automatic Grinder Adjustment (A.G.A.) delivers phenomenal results every time over the grinder’s entire service life.

J.O.E.® 2.0 - JURA Operating Experience

The JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E.®) brings all the functions of JURA coffee machines to your smartphone or even your Apple Watch.

Double power and double action for 28 specialties

Short specialty coffees

Classic specialty coffees

Long specialty coffees

Hot milk and milk foam

Multi-layered trend specialties with milk and milk foam

Mixed layered trend specialties with milk and milk foam

Hot water

Automatic Grinder Adjustment (A.G.A.)

Two electronically adjustable ceramic disc grinders deliver phenomenal resulsts over the grinder’s entire service life. This is ensured by a top innovation: A.G.A. (Automatic Grinder Adjustment) - the electronically controlled, automatic readjustment of the grinders.

Intelligent preheating

A world’s first:

JURA has developed intelligent pre-heating technology to ensure that even after long pauses between preparing drinks, the very first coffee is piping hot when it is poured into the cup.


The benefits of the GIGA 6 at a glance

  • Two ceramic disc grinders with Automatic Grinder Adjustment (A.G.A.) for perfect coffee grounds every time
  • Coffee and hot milk / milk foam can be prepared simultaneously to create flawless trend specialties
  • 5-star handling, even during cleaning and maintenance
  • Large, 4.3" high-resolution touchscreen color display featuring artificial intelligence for simple, intuitive operation